Wassily Kandinsky

March 2019’s topic of The GalleseumAcrylic Math’s FREE monthly art newsletter– is about a Great Artist: Wassily Kandinsky, who was one of the pioneers of geometric abstraction. And, this is the corresponding Blog Post.

Blue Painting

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Blog Post

Kandinsky (1866 – 1944), a Russian-born artist who lived in Germany and France, was one of the pioneers of geometric abstraction.

Selected Artworks

The following artworks by Kandinsky are but a few examples of geometric abstraction: Figure 1 (Point. Wassilly Kandinsky. Public domain. [1]), Figure 2 (Surfaces and Lines. Wassily Kandinsky. Public domain. [2]), Figure 3 Sign. Wassily Kandinsky. Public domain. [3]), Figure 4 (Deepened Impulse. Wassily Kandinsky. Public domain. [4]), Figure 5 (Composition. Wassily Kandinsky. Public domain. [5]), Figure 6 (Color Study. Wassily Kandinsky. Public domain. [6]), and Figure 7 (Blue Painting. Wassily Kandinsky. Public domain. [7]).

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7


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