Broken Clown

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Broken Clown

Description: Amazing geometric abstract wall art! The artwork displays a stylized geometric face of a clown made with semi-ellipses. The style parallels the style of Kandinsky and others but is based on math.
Specifications: 12 in by 16 in by 3/4 in (30.48 cm by 40.64 cm by 1.90 cm) giclee print on a stretched canvas (unframed).
Background: GEOMETRY, from the Greek geo (land) and the Greek metria (measurement), is the branch of mathematics that focuses on objects on a plane. Euclides, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, in a book titled The Elements of Geometry, set forth, in great detail, the foundations of modern geometry. ELLIPSES are flattened circles where the sum of the distances from two points, called the foci, to every point on the ellipse is constant. CLOWNS have been favored by artists by and children of all ages.

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